Golden Hour – Lightroom Preset

Golden Hour Lightroom Preset Mobile & Desktop Free Lightroom Preset is a professional filter which will add a bright, warm glow to your into your photographs in a single click!. This filter have been created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to simulation the golden hour effect. Golden Hour is great for photographers, graphic designers, landscape, lifestyle, portraits, wedding, blogger, family , fashion, travel, holidays, landscape, adventure, vacation, landscapes, and great choice for almost any kind of photography.



Golden Hour Lightroom Preset

This includes Golden Hour Lightroom Preset for mobile and desktop.

Format: Lr Templates, CameraRaw, ATN and DNG file format
License: Free For Personal and Commercial Use

Mobile :

download png
Desktop :

download png

Looking for a quick and easy way to transform your photos into warm and dreamy works of art? Look no further than the “Golden Hour” Lightroom preset! This preset is the perfect tool for photographers and enthusiasts. Those who want to capture the magical glow of sunrise and sunset in their photos.

With just one click, the “Golden Hour” preset can instantly enhance the warm tones in your photos, giving them a soft and dreamy look. This mimics the natural light of the golden hour. It is highly customizable, which means you can adjust the warmth, brightness, and saturation of your photos to get the perfect look.

Not only is the “Golden Hour” preset easy to use and highly versatile. But it can also save you time and effort. Instead of spending hours trying to manually adjust your photos, you can use the preset and achieve great results in minutes. This makes it an ideal tool for busy professionals who need to quickly edit their photos and deliver them to clients.

The “Golden Hour” preset is perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of landscapes, adding warmth and depth to portraits, and creating a dreamy, romantic look in wedding photos. It is an essential tool for any photographer who wants to add a unique and striking look to their images.

So why wait? Try the “Golden Hour” Lightroom preset today and take your photos to the next level!