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Top 3 Affiliate marketing sites of Nepal

affiliate marketing in nepal

Top 3 Affiliate marketing sites of Nepal


As we know that online marketing in Nepal is rapidly reaching its peak. Top Affiliate Marketing like amazon, eBay should be available for Nepal. Popular International wallets like pay-pal aren’t available here, so even if people do earn, they have to use different alternatives to get their earnings in their pocket.

I am not claiming that it isn’t possible. People are still earning money from affiliate marketing in Nepal through amazon and eBay. But it’s still hard for the starter to reach that peak.

Firstly, as we all know Nepal is developing in the online sector. People are earning money from Adsense, affiliate marketing, freelancing, etc. so there are possibilities.

Secondly, online wallets like e-sewa and Khalti are popular here. So it’s easy to get your payment. However, there are still problems for those who want to work on amazon and eBay.

Moreover, In this article, I bring you the Top 3 Affiliate marketing sites in Nepal that have an affiliate program and from which you can get your payment easily in e-sewa or khati. Top 3 Affiliate marketing sites of Nepal

Sabkopasal is a website that provides people with lots of products. Products like clothing, foods, kitchenware almost all types of basic needs can be found here. What I like about this website is that online gaming products like virtual cards, mouse, and keyboards are also available to purchase.

This website provides an affiliate program as well. You can get banner ads through your affiliate link and you can attach that add to your website or blogs easily, Affiliate tabs are also user-friendly.

Affiliate Tab of sabkopasal:

Top 3 Affiliate marketing sites of Nepal Top 3 Affiliate marketing sites of Nepal is another website that provides an affiliate program. As one of the top online shopping sites in Nepal, you can imagine how many products are available here to sell. If you want to become an affiliate earner, then you can find easily find the product you want to promote, but always try to recommend the products that you have tried.

We cannot get banner ads in here, you can only promote links, In my personal view, the affiliate tab is not user-friendly, hope they will improve sooner or later.

Affiliate Tab Of affiliate page Top 3 Affiliate marketing sites of Nepal is a web-hosting platform in Nepal. You can find the best and cheap services here. This website provides you with an affiliate program as well. I recommend this web-hosting platform if you are trying to or starting to become a blogger. You can find the best services in town. Not only this, but you can also earn from here through their affiliate program. The affiliate tab is user-friendly, I really loved their customer service as well, as they reply within a minute.

note: you can see I referred a friend and got commission, its small but it’s something right . (please don’t mind me )

Affiliate tab of

babal host affiliate page

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